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Mission Statement

We are all connected in the web of life.

Through our compassion and the strength of our commitment, we create effective partnerships with our clients. These relationships provide the foundation for healing the animals.

Our result-producing work teaches and includes our clients in revolutionary mind-body-spirit approaches for restoring animal wellness. When embracing these natural, holistic, and environmentally sound choices everyone involved receives benefits. This work also benefits the quality of life for all beings on this planet.

Our Essence

We share more in common with the animals than we have differences.

The physical body is an amalgam of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects. The qualities creating and maintaining health and wellness, both physically and emotionally, are in a constant state of activity and change.

The heart pumps, meals are digested, stressful situations are dealt with, and love is shared. Meanwhile, timeworn body cells die as the regeneration of new cells provide the hope of health and wellness.

Living is a multilevel process. Everything the animals are exposed to in their environment, their diet, and each experience touches each individual in a unique way. All of these different aspects are interrelated. They also influence each other and have a direct effect in creating wellness or dis-ease.

A holistic approach to healing determines that the most effective path to health and wellness is through supporting all areas of the being - body, mind, and spirit.

About Leslie

Animal Wellness Coach, Animal Intuitive, Reiki Master Teacher, and Natural Care Educator, Rev. Leslie Morán, is the founder of Critter Connection. She has worked holistically with animals since 1980 and is a nationally and internationally known author, educator, and healer. Having been awarded an honorary ministerial credential in 1990, she is adept at combining intuitive insights and spiritual guidance with natural care and alternative healing methods.

In 2002, Leslie began writing for Parrots Magazine. This periodical is published in England with international distribution in over 60 countries. Her regular monthly column, "The Holistic Parrot", appears in every issue along with periodic feature articles focusing on natural and holistic bird care. She is one of a handful of people helping to pioneer the vital area of alternative and holistic health care for birds.

Over the years her writing has appeared in numerous nationally distributed magazines including Animal Wellness, Whole Horse Journal, Whole Cat Journal, Whole Dog Journal, Wolf Clan, and Tiger Tribe. Regional publications her articles have appeared in include The Gathering Place, Cosmic Ground, Light, Rose Garden, and PetFolio.

What is an Animal Wellness Coach?

The term animal wellness coach describes Leslie's unique ability for perceiving and understanding information from the animals through both familiar and unfamiliar sensing channels as well as how she helps restore balance. When in session she experiences insights by seeing, hearing, sensing, smelling, tasting, and feeling - both emotions and physical imbalances or pains - from the animal's perspective. Other perceptions come through touch, in dreams, through flashes of insight, or other means.


Leslie with her canine kids ...



And her feathered family...


And feline youngster.


Leslie is naturally guided in communicating with, identifying imbalances in, and facilitating an animal's natural healing process. Acknowledging that her healing work is Divinely guided, she describes herself a conduit for the multilevel healing her clients experience. Living naturally and holistically is a life style for Leslie, not merely a fad or trend. Her extensive research of and background in natural and holistic health care and alternative healing methods are at the foundation of her awareness of how to best integrate natural methods that wholly aid in restoring balance to mind, body, and spirit.

Natural Healing Methods

Leslie's background includes education, training, and experience in animal nutrition, anatomy, physiology, psychology and behavior, Reiki, toxin-free environmental living, herbology, massage, visualization, prayer, energy balancing, color therapy, flower remedies, homeopathy, aromatherapy and shamanism.


Rev. Morán is not a licensed veterinarian, she cannot prescribe, diagnose, or recommend. The information she provides is educational and spiritual in nature and is based on her experiences since 1980 in natural and holistic care for the animals people love and the home environment. The client is wholly responsible for seeking and obtaining any necessary veterinary care or medical advice.

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