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Reiki Animal Initiations
Critter Connection Animal Initiations:

The Preparation
The Bridge
The Web of Life


Reiki Animal Initiations

The universal life energy present in all living beings is the healing force that is accessed when either giving or receiving a Reiki treatment. Since Reiki has the ability to affect healing on a mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual level the animals who have been initiated in Reiki are able to receive a personalized and enhanced form of these healing influences.

In first degree Reiki it is taught that whenever a Reiki practitioner's hands are touching someone the Reiki healing energy is naturally activated and begins flowing out of the hands and into whomever the practitioner is touching. This presents a very remarkable opportunity to animals who have been initiated in Reiki.

Due to the individual nature of each species of animal each one relates to the earth and their environment in a unique way. Those with feathers and the four-legged ones actually participate in an energy exchange with Mother earth.

There are a variety of situations which can cause a decrease in the quality and volume of this energy exchange. The way an animal perceives and experiences physical, emotional, or mental stress are key factors. The presence, or the development, of illness, physical symptoms such as itching, or emotional, or behavioral changes can indicate that this energy flow has become constricted. I teach my clients and Reiki students how to remedy this and help restore a healthy and proper energy flow between an animal and the earth.

After an animal receives a Reiki initiation the presence of the universal life force energy which saturates Reiki adds a richness and depth to the healing energy exchange between the animals and the earth.

Because the four-legged ones spend so much time on all fours every moment their feet are touching the earth, the floor, or someone, the Reiki energy is flowing. And whenever the Reiki energy is flowing both the giver and the receiver are benefiting from the balancing and healing effects of this universal life force energy. Every time an animal who has received a Reiki initiation is standing, walking, or running both the animal and the earth are receiving the Reiki healing energy.

The consequences of this can have a profound effect both on the animal giving the Reiki and on the healing energies flowing into Mother earth. For many from sensitive inituitives, to biologists, and scientists the earth has become known as a living, sentient being herself. One definition is that all life forms on earth are part of a single planetary being called Gaia. And these organisms and life forms present within Gaia are in some manner working to restore balance - or homeostasis - to themselves and their environment. This model also applies to individual animals or people since symptoms and illness arise in an attempt to try and restore oneself to health and balance. The healing influences of Reiki on the earth will naturally help her restore herself to balance. As this happens we'll see improvement in the health of individual ecosystems, and ultimately our whole environment.

Sometimes to have the most effect on a physical situation a nonphysical, spiritual approach can be the most appropriate course of action to produce unexpected favorable results.

Having your critter kids initiated in Reiki can help them in their process of healing emotional, behavioral, or physical imbalances. This occurs because as the Reiki energy is naturally activated they also receive this healing energy as they are giving it. Reiki can also help keep them healthy. As the energy flows it is an ideal preventive health care healing method. It can provide the animals the awareness of having a very important job regarding the healing work they are now able to do with themselves, for you, and for the planet. Many animals are so grateful to be able to give back to the people they love by giving Reiki to them. All it takes is a paw on your thigh or in your hand and you are receiving first degree Reiki from your critter kid.

As the animals receive the second and third degree Reiki attunements their ability to access the healing properties of the universal life force energy increases. They can also become more creative in giving and sending Reiki healing as well.

Any animal can receive a Reiki initiation. All we need is a full body picture of the animal taken within the last year. We offer the first, second, and third degree levels for animals. These initiations can be done long distance and are done during a scheduled appointment time. Every animal who receives a Reiki initiation will also receive a certificate suitable for framing.

The following initiations are done with the animals, when and if appropriate, during the course of a healing and communication session.

Critter Connection Animal Initiations:

Over the years I have developed specific processes for restoring an animal's inner strength from the inside out: emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Initially, I thought these were only visualizations for building and nurturing an animal's self confidence and self esteem. However, it was soon recognized that these processes touched an animal, and influenced behavior, on a much more profound level than could be attributed to building confidence and self worth. Now, they are recognized as sacred initiations, for the animals, which truly facilitate their ability to heal from the inside out. The information explaining the significance these initiations have during a healing and communication session is explained on the Behavior page of this Web site.

There are four parts to the supportive work you will be asked to do. These include "The Preparation", "The Bridge", "The Personal Affirmation", and "The Web of Life". Understanding the importance of your participation in your critter kid's healing process is very important. We are all connected in the web of life. The intentions you hold for wanting to support their healing process is one of the reasons these animal initiations create such powerful results. The initiation plants the seed and gives rise to germination. Your support work nurtures its growth. The willingness and love you will be sharing with them as you do these exercises will also reinforce the ties which link us all and strengthen our collective awareness of our connection with the Divine. This is significant.

Practicing This Supportive Work

After your critter kid has received the initiations doing these processes with them is very important. Every time you do these visualization exercises you will be reinforcing and strengthening a powerful part of the healing work which was done with them during their personalized healing and communication session.

In order to support your critter kid's forward movement it is important that you set time aside on a regular basis to practice these processes with them. You will be given the details during the conclusion portion of your session. Doing this supportive work with them will be instrumental in helping them to continue moving through their individual healing process to reach the next level of wellness.

Support Materials

To ensure your critter kids receive the highest benefits from these healing processes, the best results will be seen after they have received the initiations for them. These initiations are given during the course of a healing and communication session.

If you would like additional support materials to help you learn and practice these healing processes more fully we are in the process of preparing a booklet and a recording, either on a cassette tape or CD, that you can listen to. This recording will enable you to fully experience each section as you are guided through these visualization healing processes. Tracks will include "The Preparation"; "The Bridge"; and "The Web of Life".

If you would like to be notified as soon as "The Bridge" support materials are available, please let us know. See the Contact Us page of this Web site. In your message please indicate 'The Bridge support materials' and the format you are interested in receiving: booklet, CD, or cassette tape.

The Preparation

During your healing and communication session you will be taught a simple, yet very important, technique to prepare your animal companion for your support work of doing "The Bridge", and the following, healing process with them.

The Bridge

The initiation for this sacred healing process, named "The Bridge" has the effect of reawakening your critter kid's connection with the Divine. Once embraced this awareness can produce profound results. These healing influences will enable your critter kid to become aware of, and grow strong in, his or her own personal truth. "The Bridge" enables an animal to strengthen inner resolve from the inside out through the awareness of being connected with source. And yes, this connection has always existed - but like some people - a loving reminder of this link has the capability of leaving one feeling deeply empowered.

An Animals' Personal Truth

During the healing and communication session your critter kid's deepest understanding of him or herself will become known. This message will be in your critter kid's own words and will be provided to you as a personal affirmation for you to use during your work in supporting their healing process. If your critter kid's individual situation requires more than one healing and communication session there is a strong likelihood that this affirmation will change in relationship to each individual's growth and healing process.

The Web of Life

The initiation for this sacred healing process, named "The Web of Life" has the effect of rekindling an animal's ability to feel connected with other sentient beings. This healing process can be instrumental in helping an animal experience being supported by others - even when alone. This helps an animal to strengthen inner resolve from the inside out through perceiving and coming to know they are a part of a physical network that they can access at any time.

The Web of Life can also serve as a way to feel connected with your beloved critter kids even though you are not in the same room with them. This technique can help your critter kid feel your love and support of them whenever they appear in your thoughts: while you are away at work, out running errands, or on vacation.

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