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Traveling in a Pack or a Pride

By Leslie Morán


Purring felines and daily dog walks have been a part of my life since childhood. It was only natural that as I discovered natural and holistic care for myself that my interest grew towards using these methods with the animals who shared my life and had a special place in my heart.

Diet and nutrition, coupled with using flower essences and discovering homeopathy laid the cornerstones for the foundation of my work with the animals. Around this time I adopted a dog who had destructive behavior patterns which were triggered by her fear of loud noises. This led me to begin exploring and developing the intuitive healing and communication gifts I have with the animals. When she shared the event with me which was the cause of her fear-based behaviors she began healing. Shortly afterwards her destructive behaviors lessened and finally stopped. The Behavior page on this Web site explains this healing and communication process more fully.

Delighting in everything I was learning my curiosity propelled me forward. I was led to learn more about nutrition, nutritional supplements, natural living, and other holistic healing methods. As if I were collecting flowers from my garden, the holistic bouquet of healing options I could use with the animals kept expanding.

Through loving and caring for my own dogs and cats, over time they have been my teachers. Whenever one would develop a special need for something, I would seek out - or be guided to - the perfect solution which helped resolve the situation in a natural and holistic manner. Repeatedly, I have experienced the syncronicity of life allowing events, people, or situations to come together for the highest and best of all concerned. And whenever I am facing a challenge, either with a client's situation or personally, remembering these positive experiences from the past helps me have the hope, the faith, and the courage to keep putting one foot ahead of the other until there is a shift. This shift can be in perspective, in awareness, or in being led to that which I need to do next.

A Strong Foundation

The foundation of every natural health care plan revolves around avoiding exposure to pesticides and contaminants, feeding a natural well-balanced homemade diet, and giving nutritional supplements to assist the natural healing and regenerative processes of the body.

Insure that the water you have access to is free of chemicals and contaminants. Public water supplies are flooded with chemicals and pesticides that can tax the liver and can be stored in the fatty tissues of the body. Use filtered water or bottled spring water for all cooking and drinking. Do not use distilled water for drinking and food preparation.

A key ingredient in feeding a raw food homemade diet includes using fresh raw meat and whole cooked grains while also balancing protein to carbohydrate ratios, calcium to phosphorus ratios, fat content, and insuring that adequate amounts of key minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients are present. Feeding a homemade raw food diet provides the highest source of nutrition possible. The recipes I use have been formulated by a holistic veterinarian who is at the leading edge of natural nutrition for dogs and cats.

For some people feeding or eating meat brings up ethical concerns. The choice surrounding whether to feed or eat meat is a personal one. My role as an animal wellness coach is to educate you in the best natural care methods I am aware of for your dog or cat. Any concerns you have about feeding fresh raw meat can easily be addressed during your consultation.

Fresh raw meat contains numerous enzymes, amino acids, and nutrients that are destroyed by cooking. But it also contains something that cannot be bought in a can or a bag. This special component is life force energy. Fresh raw meat contains a vital force that nurtures the specific nature of the feline and canine physiology. This quality causes them to naturally thrive when being fed this type of diet.

For felines, cat food made by following balanced species-specific recipes ensure that cats receive a healthy combination of protein, carbohydrates, and fats in combination with other vital nutrients. Cats must receive balanced nutrition so following a properly formulated recipe is important.

Felines are obligate carnivores, this means they must eat meat and animal products in order to be as healthy as possible. A cat's metabolism readily responds to the superior nutrients available in homemade cat food. These homemade meals can be prepared once a week with two to three days worth of food kept in the refrigerator. The remainder can be frozen and thawed as needed.

For canines, I have seen that there is more flexibility possible when deciding the type of food to feed. However, as with cats, feeding a raw homemade diet made by following balanced canine recipes ensures that your dog will receive a nutritious combination of protein, carbohydrates, and fats along with other vital nutrients.

Key ingredients in a canine raw food homemade diet include using fresh raw meat, whole cooked grains, while ensuring balanced amounts of other vital nutrients are present. This type of diet provides the highest source of nutrition available.

If you choose to feed a prepared kibble even the best natural brands made from human-grade quality ingredients cannot compare to feeding a homemade diet. When looking for a suitable kibble be sure it is made from human-grade quality foods. Its ingredient list should be free of by-products. Ensure that it is also free of any chemical colorings, additives, and preservatives. One possibility for complementing a high quality prepared food is to supplement it by adding fresh raw meat. When doing this it is important to balance the calcium to phosphorus ratio of the meat. This can be easily achieved by following a recipe specifically designed for this purpose.

Many dogs can do very well on a vegetarian (meatless) diet. In lieu of feeding meat many successfully use cheese, milk, cottage cheese, eggs, and tofu as protein sources. However, be sure to follow a recipe that ensures a balance of proteins, grains, oil, minerals, and other nutrients.

Another ingredient that can be added to the meals for your feline and canine kids are sprouts. Sprouts contain a power house of nutrients. During the sprouting process amino acids are altered creating a higher quality of usable protein. Vitamin levels increase dramatically and the minerals present become chelated. This means they combine with protein in a way that makes them easier to assimilate.

I have fed a variety of sprouts to my canine and feline critter kids over the years. You will need to experiment with the various types of sprouts available to see which ones your critter kids enjoy the most. While one dog may balk at alfalfa sprouts, another will gobble them right up. One cat will love the sunflower seed greens, while another will eat any type of sprouts added to their meals. A variety of seeds, legumes, and beans can be sprouted.

There will soon be a booklet and a PDF available for sale on the Products page of this Web site that will explain all the details of sprouting for birds, dogs, cats, and yourself.

Numerous nutritional supplements are available to help maintain or restore health and well-being. Using a multiple vitamin and mineral supplement is a good place to start. My dogs enjoy the Canine Discovery so much I give it as a treat! Depending upon the individual circumstances with your dog or cat there is most likely a nutritional product available to help improve the situation.

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