Death, Dying and the Afterlife

By Leslie Morán

As the sun rises each day, it must also set each evening. As each individual blooms into life, there must also come the day when it is time to shed the physical body we have come to know and expect to reach out and touch. Even though scholars have debated for centuries what actually happens when someone dies, often identifying the truth lies as close as the heart beating in our chest or the wagging tail thumping against the carpet.

Each animal has their own journey through life, and each one also faces death and dying in their own way. In my work with the animals this subject has proven to be equally as unique as any other.

Due to either a painful or lengthy illness some animals can welcome the peaceful existence which death offers. While others can joyfully experience each breath filled moment up until the very end. And then some are fearful for a variety of reasons. Those who are worried about death, dying and the afterlife can benefit from a personalized healing and communication session focusing on their concerns. In any of these situations the precious animals you have come to know and love can receive the gift of feeling relief through knowing that you have become aware of and understand their perspective and their process.

Does the idea of an afterlife apply to the animals? In my experience it most certainly does. If the primary caretaker, or anyone else in the family, has any feelings of guilt or regret surrounding an animal's death having a session to tune-in and connect with the animal who has passed over can bring a huge sigh of relief as questions are answered, feelings are shared, and a sense of closure settles in.

Even other critter kids in the family can experience a sense of loss when a member of the family passes away. When necessary to euthanize an animal the remaining critter kids can be left thinking about the unanswered question of, "What really happened?"

It is so important for animal lovers to begin understanding how to best assist an animal who is approaching the final phase of life. It is as equally valuable to learn how to support those animals who may be in conflict as they struggle to grasp and adjust to the entire situation.

If you are currently providing hospice care, or have unsettled feelings about the death of an animal you love, having all your questions and concerns answered can provide you a strong foundation. Then, from this new place of understanding any decisions you make will come from choosing instead of feeling you have no choice. Any actions you take will be backed by your highest intentions instead of confusion. And in your heart of hearts you will be led exactly where you need to go.

After a person's grieving process has run its course many people enjoy learning how to connect with a beloved critter kid who has passed over. Most animals and people who are drawn to each other have shared many lives together. In my experience I perceive that the animals do reincarnate. I have repeatedly observed that the relationships between people and the animals they love fulfill a very specific purpose for everyone involved.

We choose our animal companions, and they select us, because we have ties with them which run deep. Often times these connections run as deep as those we have with the people who are the closest to us. Sometimes the profound nature of the link between us and the animals we love can touch us in ways that no other human ever has. This experience can leave a person groping for the right words to describe the bond. The unique nature of this connection does not mean that it comes before your primary human relationship. But, rather than feeling conflicted as you try to identify and name that which you can feel in your heart, just know that it is love.

For a client's perspective on death, dying and the afterlife see the Rose Family story on the Home page.

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