Healing is a personal journey for each animal and person Leslie works with. In an effort to respect and nurture an individual’s path to wellness we offer a personalized approach regarding the length of our consultations. Due to the unique approach to mind-body healing that Leslie utilizes we like to allow flexibility for all sessions over 30 minutes long. This insures we can address all your concerns while allowing the emotional and physical healing to progress in rhythm with its natural tempo.

Leslie has learned that allowing each appointment to unfold at a pace the animal, or person, is comfortable with ultimately leads to achieving the best results for the highest good of all concerned.

We also understand that there are clients who budget for their sessions with Leslie. In respecting these needs we offer the option of being able to set a time limit for your appointment. However, a client always has the choice of deciding to let a session run longer.

Each session with Leslie is prorated, meaning you pay only for the time she is working with you, your critter kids, and your situation. Every session must be either prepaid by check or reserved with a Visa or MasterCard.

If you have prepaid for the session by check and choose to let it run longer, additional payment arrangements will be made at that time. Any prepaid time not used during your session(s) will be returned via a company check within 10 days of finalizing your session(s). If you have reserved your appointment with a Visa or MasterCard you will be told the total amount due at the end of your session.

Having this flexibility also allows you the option of being able to order nutritional supplements, personalized flower essence blends, or other support products at the time of your appointment.

The minimum amount of time you may schedule is 30 minutes. After 30 minutes the prorated consultation fee of $75 an hour, or $1.25 a minute, applies.

30 min. $40.00
45 min. $ 56.25
60 min. $75.00
90 min. $112.50
150 min. $187.50

The typical length of most consultations:

Healing and Communication

150 min.

Health, Diet, and Nutrition

If scheduled as the primary focus of an appointment, a diet and nutritional consultation can take between an hour and an hour and a half. After reviewing your intake information we can determine the best appointment length for your individual situation. If scheduled in conjunction with a healing and communication session, the hourly rate rate applies to the length of the appointment.

60 min.
90 min.

Healing Feather Destruction

150 min.

Brief Check-in

30 min.

Client Support

30 min.
60 min.

Caretaker Support

60 min.
90 min.

Reiki Initiations

These are done during scheduled appointments and may be done during a Brief Check-in appointment. The following initiations fees are in addition to the appointment fees. There are fee discounts available for having more than one animal receive the Reiki initiation. Photographs of the animals are necessary.

Reiki First Degree

Number of animals:

1 ---- $45.00
2 ---- $72.00
3 ---- $90.00
4 or more ---- $27.00 each

Reiki Third Degree

Number of animals:

1 ---- $55.00
2 ---- $88.00
3 ---- $110.00
4 or more ---- $33.00 each

Death/Dying /Afterlife

30 min.
45 min.
60 min.

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