Building Good Health

By Leslie Morán

In a group of animals why will one develop symptoms of sickness or disease while the others remain healthy? When wanting to build good health knowing which things to avoid is equally as important as utilizing health promoting natural care methods.

There are several factors which can contribute to either maintaining good health or having illness set in. One is the environment and the animal's perception of it. Another is eliminating exposure to any toxins in the diet, in the environment, and by using non-toxic treatment protocols. This lays a strong foundation for health and wellness. Preventive nutrition can directly influence an individual's level of health, as does insuring that what an animal actually eats is a balanced diet. The strength of the immune system and maintaining hormonal balance also play an important role. Older animals can benefit from additional supplements and special care that younger animals have not yet developed a need for. When considering an animal's genetic predisposistion to illness or disease we have discovered revolutionary scientific information that is providing us fresh options in this area.

The Environment

Environmental influences that can affect an animal include everything he sees, feels, hears, smells, eats, breathes, touches, is exposed to, or has been kept away from. Temperature, air quality, levels of pollution, exposure to pesticides or other air borne chemicals all affect numerous bodily systems. Is second hand cigarette smoke a concern? Even exposure to chemical based cleaning products can have an accumulative effect on weakening the body's immune system.

Eliminating Exposures

Chemically scented household cleaning products and personal use products are commonly used items that have been directly linked to weakening an individual's level of health.

I've worked with dogs and cats who had become chemically sensitive. This means that they developed a sensitivity to the fragrances and chemicals in these common items. This exposure had an adverse effect on their immune system lowering their resistance. Developing a chemical sensitivity is biochemically different than having an allergic reaction. Symptoms clients have noticed in their critter kids have included asthma, coughing, and a general weakness or malaise without being able to identify a specific cause. The indications of chemical sensitivity in an animal may not be limited to these symptoms.

After determining, in a session, that their critter kids had become chemically sensitive, the caretakers were educated in the use of natural alternatives. Right away these clients noticed a dramatic increase in their pet's level of health and wellness.

Preventive Nutrition

An animal's diet plays a key role in building good health. Nutritional requirements vary from species to species and selecting the most appropriate diet and nutritional supplement plan for each animal is an individualized process.

However, there are general guidelines that are important to keep in mind when deciding on how to best utilize a preventive nutrition plan for your critter kids. Select high quality ingredients and feed organic fruit, vegetables and grains when ever possible. Avoid feeding products containing artificial colorings, additives, flavorings, and preservatives. Offer filtered drinking water or bottled spring water for drinking. Public water supplies are flooded with chemicals that are best avoided. For more species specific information concerning diet and preventive nutrition please visit the appropriate animal page: Dogs/Cats, Horses, or Avian/Exotics on this Web site.

When using diet and nutrition to improve health conditions there is no quick fix. Improvements can sometimes be seen as soon as two weeks after beginning a program. However, a typical response is usually seen four to eight weeks after starting. This time frame represents the period it takes for old unhealthy cells to die off and begin being replaced by new healthy cells regenerating throughout the physical body.

Although the best results are seen when clients receive a personalized nutritional supplement plan, there are some general guidelines that can be applied. It is important for each species to receive an appropriate amount of a variety of basic nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. If essential nutrients are present in low amounts or are missing from the diet, these must be added by feeding supplements. Multiple vitamin and mineral supplement formulas can help meet these basic needs.

Antioxidants are so important for all of us, human and critter, simply because we are all exposed to more toxins now than ever before. We like the products Cell Discovery and Oxygenics. When used together their formulas complement each other nicely. DMG (dimethylglycine) is an amazing metabolic enhancer that has been documented in treating and preventing an ever growing amount of health and wellness situations for both humans and animals. ParaZyme is a digestive enzyme blend can be essential in aiding the body to be able to fully utilize proteins, carbohydrates, and dietary fats. Essential fatty acids, Omega 3,6,9, are needed by every living cell in the body and are vital for the body to be able to rebuild and produce new cells. They also are used by the body to produce hormone-like substances (prostaglandins) that serve as chemical messengers and regulate numerous body processes.

Supporting the Immune System

When understanding that healthy animals naturally resist disease and infection numerous factors contribute to supporting an animal in having a healthy immune system. A properly balanced diet made from high quality ingredients creates a strong foundation for health and wellness. Any supplements fed are intended to complement, and not take the place of, a diet rich in whole foods.

The immune system is greatly supported by avoiding toxins and chemicals that can be found in the environment, food, water, and in many chemical oriented treatment protocols. Selecting appropriate supplements to help support the immune system is directly linked to the symptoms and diagnosis. Cancer treatment therapies can benefit from using the nutritional supplements Immpower, DMG, the antioxidants Cell Discovery and Oxygenics, and by following the appropriate cancer patient diet. A wonderful general immune support supplement, for both people and animals, is Olive Leaf Extract.

Balancing Hormones

Proper diet along with nutritional and herbal supplements can influence and help regulate hormone balance. When a hormonal deficiency exists natural glandular products can be used to help nourish the deficient organ. DMG can also prove to be a key elemental nutrient in helping to restore hormonal imbalances to a healthy and balanced level of functioning.

Avoiding pesticide use on an animal, in the home environment, and in food and drinking water may prove to be invaluable in restoring normal hormonal functioning and balance. According to the report, " Pesticides and Human Health"1 published by the Physicians for Social Responsibility and Californians for Pesticide Reform 2 , certain pesticides are known to disrupt the endocrine system in humans and in animals. Glands of the endocrine system include thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary, pancreas, adrenals, and gonads. Research has shown that chemical pesticides tend to accumulate in fatty tissues, have an accumulative effect on the body and can remain there for years before breaking down. There are certain protocols people use to detoxify from pesticide exposure in the environment, in food, and in water. Many of these can be successfully used in animals as well.

Seniors, Their Special Needs

As the body ages certain nutrients make a huge contribution towards helping an animal maintain a high quality of life for as long as possible. Since many theorize that free radicals are the primary cause of aging, the antioxidants Cell Discovery and Oxygenics lead the top of our senior supplement list. Other antioxidant products you can include are Grape Seed Extract, a powerful free radical scavenger that can pass the blood-brain barrier to protect brain cells, and CoEnzyme Q 10 that aids circulation, improves\ cellular oxygenation, and protects the heart. Two well formulated combination products are Canine Discovery Senior and Tabby Tabs (feline), these contain many of these antioxidants and more. DMG can contribute properties no other supplement can due to its unique ability as a metabolic enhancer. ParaZyme, a digestive enzyme can insure your senior is able to metabolize all the nutrient rich whole foods and supplements you feed him. The essential fatty acids Omega 3,6,9 have an important role in cell formation and helps insure that healthy cell-to-cell communications continue functioning well. These supplements are intended to complement a balanced diet made from natural whole foods.

Supporting the joints of any senior with nutritional supplements produces gratifying results. Antioxidants, again, top the list. They scavenge free radicals and produce visible results. Next, our glucosamine product of choice is Sea Mussel Plus. This formulation includes DMG with the results of its use surpassing other products we've tried. If additional support is needed add the appropriate JD 300 or JD 600 formula. The perna canaliculus (green-lipped mussel) in this product provides glycosaminoglycans (GAGS). These large polysaccharide structures are incorporated into connective tissues, joints, and mucus membranes and are widely used in the treatment of degenerative joint diseases. If arthritis is a concern be sure to feed CMO Plus (for dogs and horses). This product contains a high quality cetyl myristoleate (CMO) complex. Many have noticed the difference this product makes as their seniors move around with more ease.

Genetic Predisposition

As a society we are accustomed to the concept that individuals have a genetic predisposition to certain diseases or conditions. This leaves us feeling as if there is very little - to nothing - we can do to help these individuals. However, exciting new information that was first presented between 12 to 15 years ago replaces this outdated model with scientifically verified research that actually gives us control over human evolution.

Cellular biologist, scientist, and lecturer, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., discovered that the behavior and health of body cells is actually controlled by the environment. This insightful information is in direct contrast to the normally accepted teaching that life is controlled by the genes. Lipton's newest research reveals that biochemical pathways connecting the mind and body are actually responsible for health and wellness.

This information adds a dimension to animal wellness that we here at Critter Connection are developing for use with our clients. With every health related healing and communication session we will integrate appropriate healing techniques that have evolved from this transformational information as they apply to your individual situation.

Building Good Health

This brief presentation summarizes the wide variety of elements influencing an animal's ability to have and maintain radiant health. I hope this article has provided you useful information, given you a sense of some different options, and has made you aware of some new possibilities in the area of animal health and wellness.
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