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What Is Holistic Health Care for Animals?


Leslie Morán

Did you know that diet can affect an animal's behavior? Have you considered that emotions and behavior can influence health and illness?

There are as many different definitions describing holistic health care as there are people embracing its restorative manner. To me, utilizing a holistic approach involves recognizing that our animal companions are holistic beings. But what does this mean?

In my experience all non-human sentient beings are self-aware and have four elements in common. These are the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional aspects that come together in a unique blend making each individual who they are. Although these components will be discussed separately, each aspect actively influences and impacts all the others. Keeping this in mind will help illustrate the benefit of taking a holistic approach.

The spiritual aspect, is the magic of life itself. Another way to think of it is the life force energy - that which brings life, as we know it, into being. Brilliant minds have discussed these attributes for generations. It would take volumes to describe them completely. I acknowledge that this quality contributes to the unique make-up of each individual and affirm that it is as tangible and viable as anything you can see or feel.

The physical aspect includes an animal's body, the diet, and the environment he or she lives in. The physical body is affected by the quality and type of food that is eaten. A balanced diet varies from species to species. Each individual often has unique nutritional needs depending upon distinctive genetic qualities. Inherited traits and physical attributes greatly influence the health of an individual.

An animal's environment also affects his physical body. Toxins or pollutants in the atmosphere or the food or water become substances that the body must deal with. As with people, some can cope with these chemical insults better than others. There is a growing body of evidence linking the use of pesticides to a wide variety of diseases.

Health care treatments also make an impression on the body's natural ability to heal and restore itself to balance. Choosing methods that support and nourish the body's natural healing abilities can often produce results not possible with drugs or medications. These can include diet and nutrition, homeopathy, medicinal herbs, or nutritional supplements.

The mental aspect represents an animal's personal belief system. This includes decisions that have been made based on past experiences and the choices possible for an animal to make.

The emotional aspect describes the wide range of feelings and perceptions an animal can have. In my experience they are capable of perceiving sentiment as deeply as you or I. Some species I have communed with possess such an emotional depth that by comparison humans appear superficial and shallow. The impact that emotions have on health or illness has been long been recognized by traditional, and alternative, human health care providers alike.

When approaching any situation from a holistic perspective, all aspects affecting the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual qualities of an individual are taken into consideration. There is, potentially, a vast amount of information to review when working toward restoring emotional or physical wellness using a holistic approach. This is where the benefits of working with an experienced consultant are seen, one with firsthand knowledge in helping resolve a wide array of situations.

For example, dietary and nutritional changes can be made that will directly help support the change of many inappropriate behaviors. When considering emotional traumas, through identifying and facilitating the healing of deep-seated wounds many behavior difficulties just fade away. When coping with any type of health problem the body's natural healing processes can be supported by sessions designed especially for addressing the interrelated aspects of the disease or illness. These associated feelings and impressions can follow a pattern or be entirely unique for each individual.

Many times when working holistically with an animal, the family, especially the primary caretaker, receives benefits as well. These can be experienced as gaining a new outlook on the situation, feeling supported and encouraged, and having hope restored or suspicions confirmed.

Whether an animal experiences good health or illness grows out of a combination of factors - the distinctive blend of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual qualities. Each animal is an individual and each situation is unique. This is why personalized consultations provide the clearest information, present a clear plan of action, and produce the best results.

Utilizing a holistic approach to healing is a process. Each animal is a living, breathing, feeling, self-aware being. And each individual animal chooses his or her own path to wellness. Honoring your critter kid, by accompanying and helping facilitate his or her process respects the individual, the chosen path, and the body's natural healing abilities - as well as life itself.

Are your critter kid(s) experiencing or they have experienced traumas, difficulties, or health issues? Would you like to discover how to receive the benefits this method of healing offers? Click on Fees, or the Contact Us link.

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