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Nestor, a female mini lop-eared rabbit, was four years old. She had been with her caretaker since she was a two- or three-month-old bunny. The two of them had always had a very close relationship.


When Nestor was young, being picked up and held was just a part of their life together. But as Nestor grew she became very uncomfortable with this. When any attempt was made to pick her up, Nestor would struggle horribly and run away. This change of behavior concerned her caretaker very much. The caretaker dearly wanted to be able to help heal whatever it was that made Nestor become afraid of being held.


Because many rabbits have become companions to people, over time, the relationship between both our species has been evolving. The emotional struggle Nestor was experiencing was intimately linked to this evolutionary process.

Historically, rabbits have been used by people as a source of food and their warm fur has provided clothing. The nature of this relationship has contributed to the rabbit species embodying numerous fear-based memories. Because humans have hunted and killed rabbits for thousands of years, the rabbits personify the memories of these events and carry the associated emotions at a cellular level. These cellular memories have defined a rabbit's ability for being able to interact with people.

The new relationship blossoming between rabbits and humans has to do with them becoming friends and companions. This changes the association away from a hunter and its prey, to one of both species being able to grow in unconditional love. This raises the energetic level of the relationship up to the heart center. This is the energy center in the body where unconditional love can be nurtured and grow.

Once this struggle inside Nestor was identified she expressed a desire to begin doing her part to heal and transform the relationship between people and rabbits. Under Leslie's instruction, her caretaker easily learned a series of processes designed to help support Nestor's personal growth and healing.


To date, Leslie has had two communication and healing sessions with Nestor. Both have been done long distance using Nestor's photograph. Nestor and her caretaker are doing outstanding work together. As the old cellular memories fall away, Nestor's behavior demonstrates that she clearly feels much safer in her home. She has become more friendly and readily climbs onto her caretaker's lap as they work together in strengthening the new relationship evolving between rabbits and people.

We are all connected in the web of life. The work that Nestor and her caretaker have started has begun laying the foundation for healing rabbits and people alike. Everyone in a position to begin moving towards this new inter-species relationship has already begun feeling the ripple effect of this revolutionary healing work.

The need to begin this profound healing journey was at the source of Nestor's fear of being picked up. Approaching change at this deep level requires patience and time. It is very clear that Nestor and her caretaker are making great progress towards fully embracing the love and compassion possible between our species.

The caretaker writes:

"I am so grateful that I was guided to Leslie by my intentions to facilitate the healing process for my beloved rabbit, Nestor. This was all meant to be. I have never met a more devoted, loving, gentle angel of healing. Leslie possesses an incredible intuitive ability that allows her to communicate gently and supportively with our animal children.

"I can't express my gratitude to her enough for helping me to understand the intricacies of Nestor's evolution. It is so endearing to be able to hear Nestor's dialog with Leslie and to finally be able to open the lines of communication that I could not do alone.

"With Leslie's help, I am learning how to facilitate the healing work that is aligned with Nestor's feelings and her path. As Nestor is provided a safe place she willingly shares her needs.

"What is even more amazing to me is the power of Leslie's gift to be able to do this deep and intensive work without ever having to even meet Nestor in person. What a convenience for us both. It is especially convenient for Nestor to be able to do the work from the safety and comfort of her own home. I watch in awe as Nestor tunes in and prepares for her session by finding a quiet corner in our home to await and receive Leslie.

"Leslie's healing work is invaluable. It is a gift to anyone who truly loves their animal child. A gift anyone would treasure.

"Much love always,"

Tania Marie Boone, Incline Village, NV

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