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The following is a letter Leslie received from one of her clients in 1995 where the healing and communcation work was done long distance via his photo.

In March of 1995, I purchased and shipped to Colorado a six-year-old Swedish Warmblood gelding. When he arrived in Boulder, after a full two weeks of travel, he was visibly very stressed - ribs showing, belly extended, wide-eyed, neck stuck up in the air like a telephone pole.

Soon after that, I tried to ride him in a dressage clinic. He was very well behaved, but could not pay attention to me. I happened to catch the look in his eyes when he heard the train pass by outside the arena. It was really painful for him . I got that he only wanted to go back to his stall and owner in Sweden.

Orfec the horse  

That was in the early fall. I called Leslie's number, I told her I needed help with a hock problem and with Orfec's inability to pay attention.

What I got from Leslie was so thorough and so deep a healing for Orfec that it completely destroyed all lingering doubts I had about the powers of the non-visible. An example would be a picture that Leslie saw of a little girl back in Sweden who came to see Orfec every day, bringing treats for him. Leslie could see and feel how deeply he missed their ritual. Leslie was able to cry for him (since animals can't cry like we humans do) and helped him to release a large part of the grief. I noticed this summer, when Pony Camp was held at my barn, that Orfec went right for the little girls when they were out in his pasture. He'd stick his nose into their hands and pockets.

Today he is the clown of his side of the barn. He is always expressing his opinion but is obedient to my commands when I'm riding him. Swedish horses are known for their self-will and arrogance. Orfec's goofiness and his devotion to me makes him a breeze to ride.

Although I had a cunean tenectomy done on is hock, Leslie's suggestion to put him on the blue-green algae has been right-on for over all flexibility. She seems to have a sixth-sense about new products; I trust her more than anyone else in this area.


J.S., Boulder, CO

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