When Mingus First Got Sick...

there was only one thing to do: "call" Leslie. Not only could I count on Leslie to understand the depth and importance of my relationship with my beloved canine companion I also knew, from our past healing sessions together, that I could count on deepening love and healing issues far beyond the physical ailments that had manifested in Mingus. Leslie's incredible ability to communicate with animal creatures and share the information she learns with me in a way that I can really hear and feel as "truth", is unlike anything I have experienced. Her gifts shine in every session as she listens, guides, and heals. Leslie provides whatever is needed in the moment, knowing in what directions to move for the highest healing, whether that was creating a unique flower essence blend, suggesting individualized herbs or supplements, or referring me to another specialist.



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Kirsten , puppy Mingus, andCassidy sharing a Kiss!



I trusted her completely, and because of our work together, I had Mingus in my life for an extra eight months after a near-death illness. It is amazing to me how she works on so many levels. In just a few sessions she guided me in working on some deep, unresolved emotional issues between me and Mingus. My ability to nurture and love Mingus grew exponentially, making our last several months together the most loving I had ever known. It was also very clear to me that because of the emotional understanding that Mingus and I gained with one another, we were better prepared to say good-bye when he finally left. Leslie was even able to help me continue to adjust many months after he crossed over.

Leslie's work is multidimensional and helped me understand the connection between Mingus' current state of dis-ease and past experiences. I also felt really validated in my understanding of animals as creatures who possess a capacity for a deep range of emotions and thoughts. Leslie even helped teach me that their lives are as unique and multifaceted as any human I know.



Puppy Mingus and Cassidy

Two years later Cassidy a beautiful and wise black lab girl who had shared a loving and full 14 years with me, was beginning her final journey - crossing from here to beyond. It was Leslie I called upon to help us make the transition with grace and love. Although we did all this work by phone, I could not have had a better hand to hold through the process of losing my best friend. Through her sessions with Cassidy, I received encouragement to live each moment to the fullest. I was guided in giving Cassidy what she was asking for by expressing all of my sadness and grief "with" her while she was still here. Leslie explained that because dogs could not cry, Cassidy had asked me to cry for both of us. Leslie also conveyed the gratitude Cassidy felt towards me for all the love I shared as well. I was reassured that this was a journey that filled us both equally.    

This communication Cassidy shared with me through Leslie opened the doors to my heart so wide I thought at times I might burst. Leslie's guidance and energy healing work created a space for the transition to be peaceful so when Cassidy finally went, it was with such light and love that the shift was almost easy. Immediately after Cassidy left, Leslie was available to help me adjust to the changes, to understand Cassidy's journey, and make choices that were for my highest good. This brought me peace during a most difficult time.

All the work I have done with Leslie has been rewarding, fulfilling, heart opening, and expanding. She is a truly gifted healer and animal communicator. She is talented with her speaking and writing and is able to share divine love in a form that has brought me closer to knowing myself and what I truly love. I am forever grateful. I highly recommend that anyone with a pet begin enriching the connection between you both as soon as possible. This new level can be reached through the love and light Leslie brings to our relationships with the animals we love. She is a blessing to us all.

Kirsten Rose
Topanga, CA

Mingus and Cassidy at the Lake

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