Polarizers are complex, dielectric (a nonconductor of direct electric current) antenna systems which absorb, realign, concentrate, and reradiate an infinitely broad spectrum of wavelengths. Each one is individually manufactured, assembled, and tested for optimum polarizing strength and efficiency. Polarizers are the result of many years of research by a number of scientists specializing in field physics, electronics, chemistry, biology, metallurgy, and other fields involving subtle energies.

Researchers believe the incoherency of the EMF waves produced by man-made electricity and devices and solar, cosmic and geopathic radiation is similar to the disorganized light rays produced by the sun's reflection off the waves in a swimming pool filled with frolicking children. The incoherent electromagnetic waves must be reorganized and ordered so they do not disrupt the oscillatory equilibrium of the cells. Just as polarized sun glasses cancel out incoherent light waves coming from the swimming pool, allowing perfect vision, polarization of electromagnetic fields produces beneficial changes.

If the millions of new cells born in our bodies each day come into being in the presence of polarized fields, they tend to grow in a healthier configuration. When cells are healthy and electromagnetically coherent, they absorb energy from other unhealthy cells or cause them to oscillate at a normal rate. This counteracts the abnormal energy fields that cause dysfunction and disease.

Joseph Cater, the author of the "Awesome Life Force," praised Polarizers and said, "The Polarizer acts similar to a Reich cloud-buster which concentrates beneficial orgone (cosmic) energy, but is more efficient. It draws more of the needed soft electrons from surrounding areas than can be absorbed by the unnatural radiations. It produces a steady flow of such energies. This is greatly enhanced if the polarizer is placed over the wires carrying the hard electricity responsible for harmful radiation."

"The particles drawn into the Polarizer have now been provided with a sink in the manner of a cloud-buster grounded to running water. The rate of the flow of beneficial soft particles to the Polarizer is greatly increased. Far more of the needed soft particles are drawn into the area than can be captured by the radiation produced by the electrical system. The Polarizer has much greater affinity for the harder, beneficial particles than for the much softer unnatural ones." (page 350)

Polarizers effectively combat the harmful affects of EMF radiation. Each creates a beneficial electromagnetic field that absorbs excessive cosmic, solar, geopathic and man-made radiation. Polarizers return coherency to disorganized electromagnetic fields. They properly align life-field energy and produce a supportive electromagnetic environment.

The Personal Polarizer is a powerful disk created to protect you from EMF radiation that constantly bombards the earth from the universe and man-made sources. The distinctive gold or silver metal foil design is an oscillating circuit that works with the other components to reinforce healthy life energy. You can carry one or two on your body for maximum protection or attach them to any device that produces EMF radiation.

It is very important to wear at least one when you are not in a polarized environment, such as a building protected by a Life Field Polarizer or a car with a Car Polarizer inserted into the lighter connection. The unique design on the front is an integral part of the technology that transforms harmful radiation.

The circular symbol on the front of the Personal Polarizer helps you remember to position the Polarizer correctly when you are carrying them for personal protection in a pocket or attached to your underclothing. The pattern should always face away from your body to get optimal polarizing benefits.

The Car Polarizer converts the EMF radiation generated by the rapid firing of the spark plugs and absorbed by the metal body of the car from weakening to strengthening. One of the major reasons most people feel tired and irritated while driving in a vehicle is because of the massive amounts of EMF radiation generated by overhead power lines that run along the side and over the freeways, radars, CB radios and cellular telephones.

When solar radiation is at a maximum, the extra ultra-violet and x-ray radiation only compounds the radiation problem. If you add in the aggressive driving tactics of other motorists and the air pollution generated by cars, is there any wonder why "road rage" seems to be getting worse every year!

To protect yourself and family from the weakening radiation, plug a Car Polarizer into the cigarette lighter receptacle to condition the EMF radiation that flows through and is absorbed by the metal body of cars, buses, RVs and other vehicles.

Car Polarizers do not change the amount of current flowing through the system. All the computer components and electrical wiring systems are safe.



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