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Critter Connection is an Associate Member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). For information explaining the significance of this visit the
NASC information  page on this Web site

*These products are manufactured by a NASC member company.

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Calm Discovery*
Cell Discovery*
Coenzyme Q 10 – 10 mg*
Coenzyme Q 10 30 mg*
CoQsol 30 mg*
Dental Support*
Digest Discovery*
DMG Book
Glucosamine Sulfate*
Gluta DMG powder*


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Gluta DMG tablets - Chicken*
Gluta DMG tablets - Beef flavor*
Grapeseed 10 mg*
Grapeseed 50 mg*
Grapeseed 100 mg*
Healthy Liver
Heart Discovery*
Immediacare G.I*
Immuno- DMG*
Immuno-DMG Liquid*


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Maitake DMG*
Olive Leaf Extract
Omega 3,6,9*
Red Clover Stillinga
Shark Discovery*
Ultra Omega 3-6-9


Dog Only Products

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Bladder Control*
45 tabs and 90 tabs
Canine Discovery—Beef flavor*
Canine Discovery – Chicken*
Canine Senior*
Canine Slim Results*
Cell Discovery*
Cell Discovery Double Strength*


Page 5

CMO – Plus*
Coat Discovery*
Derma Discovery*
Disc Aid*
Joint Discovery*
Joint Discovery DS*
JD-Plus Double Strength*


Page 6

JD 300*
JD 600*
Kidney Strength*
Liver Balance
Tiao He
Ultra Glucosamine*
UT Ease for Dogs*


Cat Only Products

Page 7

Bladder Control 60 tablets*
Derma Discovery for Cats –Fish*
Kidney strength for Cats *

Page 8

Purrfect Hairball Solution*
Tabby Tabs*
Tabby Tabs Liquid*

Page 9

Tabby Senior*
UT Ease for Cats*


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