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Tabby Tab Seniors is specifically formulated for geriatic cats to incorporate factors essential for the health of senior cats. It is a comprehensive antioxidant and anti aging formula that supports cardiovascular, liver, cognitive, eye, joint and digetive functions as well as maintain the physical and well-being of senior cats. For a detailed informational sheet, click here

Tabby Tabs Senior, fish flavored chewable tablets
100 tablets, $11.95

Tabby Tab Senior, fish flavored chewable tablets
240 tablets, $15.95



UT Ease helps to maintain proper urinary tract function, reduce the likelihood of crystal and stone formation, and support immune system function.
Caution- this product is not recommended for continual use. Give the recommended amount for 7-14 days or until results occur. Not to be used in animals prone to oxylate stone.
For a detailed informational sheet, click here

UT Ease, 60 fish flavored chewable tablets, $7.95

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