What is Reiki?

By Leslie Morán


If a delicate ruby-throated hummingbird flew into your picture window knocking himself out, would you know to render aid? Some people might grab the rescue remedy. But what if you didn't know about flower essence blends, or knew about them - but didn't have any? Thinking over your options, rather than feel helpless, wouldn't it be empowering to be able help this fragile being by using the healing energy flowing from your hands? "But, I don't have healing energy flowing from my hands," you think in reply. After becoming initiated in Reiki, you will.

The word Reiki (ray-kee) is a combination of the Japanese words Rei (meaning universal) and Ki (meaning life energy). The ability to be able to learn and use Reiki is available to everyone and is very simple. If you have a desire and feel drawn towards this healing art it is easily passed on from teacher to student through the initiations given. The Reiki initiation process allows you to naturally be able to access and share the healing potential of the universal life force energy present in all living things. Once initiated you can easily provide hands-on healing for yourself and others.

When giving a Reiki treatment, the healing energy is Divinely guided to go wherever it is most needed. Because of this it can only heal and will never cause harm to anyone. Reiki has the ability to heal mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects. Giving a Reiki treatment to another never depletes your energy. Instead both the giver and the receiver benefit from the universal life force energy which actively flows through the practitioner and out of their hand's during a treatment.

There are three Reiki attunement levels called degrees. Each degree progressively opens the initiate to a deeper level of the healing energy. The first degree activates the ability to provide hands-on Reiki healing to oneself and others. At this level the practitioner must be touching, or within a few inches of, the physical body.

The second degree introduces secret sacred symbols which enables one to utilize a higher frequency of the Reiki energy, to do long distance healing, and send healing energy to situations.

The third degree can either be taught separately or can be combined with the Reiki Master Teacher Level. When taught by itself the third degree can also be called the Master Level, Reiki III Practitioner, or Advanced Reiki Training (ART). At this level another secret sacred symbol is shared which further increases the flow of the energy when practicing Reiki.

The remaining Reiki Master Teacher level taps the full strength of the Reiki energy at the source and enables the initiate to perform all of the attunements for others, teach Reiki classes, and provide certificates to those completing the classes.



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The animals can wholly benefit from receiving Reiki treatments and from actually being initiated into Reiki. For more information on how an animal benefits from receiving Reiki attunements please see the Animal Initiations page of this Web site.

Because our focus here at Critter Connection is on restoring balance to the animals and the people who love them we have an understanding of using Reiki with the animals that is very different from other teachers. When selecting a Reiki teacher consider your reasons for learning Reiki. Who will you be primarily working with? People? Animals? Or both?

Elvis receiving Reiki

Every teacher will share of themselves when teaching the class. During your selection process ask your Higher Self to guide you to the teacher who is ideal for you. Some students also choose to study with more than one teacher. This provides them a wider range of experience to draw upon in their own use of Reiki.

The animal Reiki information you will learn in the classes I teach has evolved hand-in-hand with the progression of the healing and communication work I do. Some of the animal topics included in a Reiki class I teach are:

- How do different species respond to Reiki?
- How do I give a treatment if he won't stand or lay, still for me?
- When is the best time to give my critter kid a Reiki treatment?
- How do I know if the animal is enjoying the Reiki?
- Discover a dependable way to have all your animal Reiki sessions be successful.

If you love animals and would enjoy learning Reiki while being taught our unique Critter Connection perspective, please arrange to attend one of the classes I teach. These are listed on the Events page of this Web site.

There is an article, "Reiki, Hands-On Healing", on Reiki in the Articles page of this Web site that originally appeared in Wolf Clan Magazine (October 1995). Since then more accurate information regarding the true history of the discovery of Reiki has been published.

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