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Healing and Communication Sessions

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Healing Feather Destruction

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A meaningful conversation between Leslie and her canine kid

Session Descriptions

Healing and Communication

The healing and communication sessions Leslie provides have three parts: the intake, the healing and communication work with your animal companion, and the conclusion. Although this pattern is generally followed, each appointment is unique.

Experience has taught us that the more information you can provide Leslie - the deeper she is able to go. This depth facilitates being able to begin healing the emotional or behavioral issue at its source.

More detailed information on these healing processes can be found on the Behavior and Health pages of this Web site.

For a description of the information to send us when scheduling your session please see How Do I Prepare For a Session? on the FAQ's page. A typical healing and communication lasts about two and a half hours (150 minutes).

Health, Diet, & Nutrition

The health, diet, and nutritional consultations Leslie provides have three parts: the intake, the actual work determining the best diet and nutritional plan for your critter kid, and the conclusion. A health, diet, and nutritional consultation can be the primary focus of the appointment, or this work can done in conjunction with a healing and communication session. More detailed information describing the benefits of including healing and communication work in conjunction with a health, diet, and nutritional consultation can be found on the Behavior and Health pages of this Web site.

Please try and provide as much of the information we ask for as possible. This allows us to be as thorough as possible during your scheduled appointment time.

For a description of the information to send us when scheduling your diet and nutritional consultation please see How Do I Prepare For a Session? on the FAQ's page. A typical diet and nutrition consultation can take between 60 to 90 minutes.

Healing Feather Destruction

Parrots are exceptionally rich and diverse individuals. The work done to heal and resolve this type of situation exemplifies the uniqueness of each bird, of each situation, and of each individual's remarkable healing process.

To insure the entire range of experiences affecting a parrot are identified, Leslie has prepared a detailed questionnaire containing over 100 questions. Due to the complexity of reasons underlying the cause for this behavior, it is important for you to complete this questionnaire as thoroughly as possible. Having a clear picture of your bird's home and environment is essential for us to achieve the best results possible with your individual situation.

The approach we take when working to heal feather destruction includes a complete review of the bird's environment, a full dietary and nutritional evaluation, in conjunction with healing and communication sessions - as needed - to facilitate the healing process.

For a description of the information to send us when scheduling your healing feather destruction consultation please see How Do I Prepare For a Session? on the FAQ's page.

More detailed information on the healing methods and processes used can be found on the Behavior, Health, and Birds/Exotics pages of this Web site.

Brief Check-in

Brief check-in appointments are 30 minutes long and are for answering questions you may have about any situation going on with your critter kids. Because these appointments are intended as question and answer sessions, the scheduling does not provide the time necessary for addressing complex emotional or health issues that would be better served from scheduling a full healing and communication session or health, diet, and nutritional consultation.

Client Support

Client Support appointments are for clients who want to receive the benefits and support that comes from checking in with Leslie about your individual situation with your critter kids. Perhaps you'd like clarity about one of the support techniques you're learning, or you'd like some feedback about a diet change, or you have questions about a supplement plan. A client support appointment helps you keep the healing process moving forward when your situation is not quite ready for another full communication and healing session. See When to Schedule Another Session at the bottom of this page. These appointments can be either 30 or 60 minutes long.

Caretaker Support

Caretaker support sessions are scheduled by clients for a variety of reasons. They offer nurturing and assistance, while providing comfort and encouragement. The primary focus is to supply the caretaker practical tools to help restore themselves to a place of balance and wholeness. When a person is faced with challenges, it is so reassuring to have an experienced healer be able to provide insights, share personal experiences, and offer a fresh perspective. This is not counseling or therapy. These sessions provide you with specific tools which will aid you in being able to become more at peace with the process you are sharing with your critter kids.

The reasons clients seek personal support sessions with Leslie are as individual as the benefits each person receives. If you are providing care to an animal with a long-term illness, or are involved in hospice care, you will benefit. If you have recognized that stressful areas in your life are inhibiting a part of your critter kid's healing process, your situation will be helped. If you carry regrets or feel guilty about something you have either already done, or were not able to do, it's time to forgive yourself and give yourself the gift of a caretaker support session.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, or truly crave a lighter and more positive approach to restore your personal focus, you will receive direction nurturing you and providing you relief. Caretaker support sessions can be either 60 or 90 minutes long.

Animal Reiki Initiations

The power and intention for healing which resides in Reiki Master Teacher Rev. Leslie Morán allows her to provide your critter kids with long distance Reiki Initiations. These initiations are done during scheduled appointments. For more information on how Reiki Initiations benefit your critter kids, please see the Reiki page on this Web site.


The connection between ourselves and those we love continues even after the physical body passes away. For more information on these consultations please see the About Death and Dying page of this Web site. These consultations can be 30, 45, or 60 minutes in length. Please provide a photograph if possible.

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