Our Vision

Working Together as We Focus on a Common Goal:
A Unique Healing Facility and Retreat Center for
People and Animals

Healing the Animals, Healing Ourselves

Leslie Morán

Envision a beautiful area tastefully landscaped using xeriscape, permaculture, and organic gardening and landscaping techniques. A mediation path leads to a white gazebo on a nearby hilltop commanding inspirational views, which create a natural response of drawing in a deep cleansing breath. From this vantage point you have the feeling of looking down upon a small community whose central goal is to be a living example of the ease of natural health care and holistic living for families and the animal companions they love.

People are drawn to this place from everywhere, each one easily falling in step with a harmonious piece of the larger picture. Some come to attend classes and workshops at the educational complex, others come seeking knowledge about how to use natural healthcare and healing methods for themselves and their animal companions. And then there are those who make an annual retreat to this place to become reacquainted and realigned with the true strength of their inner source as only a mind-body-spiritual experience can provide.

Ahh, and then there’s the food. Organic, natural, and good for you too! Is it really supposed to taste this good? Who could have ever believed that natural living would fill both the stomach and the soul.

Many are impressed by the organized use of organic practices, recycled materials, and the creative use of natural problem solving methods in harmony with nature. Others are here to witness the functional and practical renewable energy structures. A tour of these facilities supply answers to all the questions about this retreat center being self-sufficient and off the grid, generating all the power it needs.

The educational complex offers a variety of classes from natural health care, natural animal care choices, to organic gardening, and more. The retreat center serves as a place of healing and inner growth while offering classes and workshops designed to teach all who attend useful, practical, information that they can take home and use in their daily lives.

In the southwest corner lies a building housing the Avian Holistic Resource Center (AHRC: The ARC). This organization’s primary goal is to continue pioneering natural and holistic health care for parrots and other bird species while collecting valuable data.

The ARC also serves as an information resource center, educating others in options they have regarding holistic and natural care for birds. The ARC helps others understand that avian health care is much more complicated than health care of dogs, cats, or horses. There are many diseases, if diagnosed in a bird, where the veterinarian will immediately recommend euthanasia. This is because many avian diseases are highly contagious, easily transmitted, and traditional veterinary care cannot help heal the situation. The ARC will serve as a ray of light offering treatment options to the untreatable. Balanced nutrition, nutritional supplements, homeopathy, behavior training, and other natural healing methods truly can work wonders - both in avian disease prevention and cure.

Because this healing center teaches natural health care options and provides holistic treatment for people and animals, we will have appropriate licensed healthcare professionals on staff.

Our facility will also be able to align with and support other organizations who embody or help us fulfill with our mission statement:

We are all connected in the web of life.

Through our compassion and the strength of our commitment, we create effective partnerships with our clients. These relationships provide the foundation for healing the animals.
Our result-producing work teaches and includes our clients in revolutionary mind-body-spirit approaches for restoring animal wellness. When embracing these natural, holistic, and environmentally sound choices everyone involved receives benefits. This work also benefits the quality of life for all beings on this planet.

Taking another deep breath you realize you’re still standing under the white gazebo on the hilltop. Your hands notice the silkiness of the railing they rest upon. You recognize the scent of wild sagebrush on the
wind as a lone Red-tailed hawk glides into your awareness. Effortlessly, he catches a thermal column and spirals gracefully upward. Following him with your gaze, he is now nearly too small to recognize.

Just as you’re about to look elsewhere something catches your eye. Is the hawk now spiraling downward? Caught in curiosity, you’re still not sure what your watching - and then you realize - spirit is sending you a message. You smile and, as if by instinct, inhale a deep soulful breath. Your eyes are trained to the heavens as if an angel is poised just above you, offering you a gift. In reply you reach your hand upward to receive what spirit has sent.

You effortlessly take hold of a single hawk feather that had drifted down from your sky-bound friend. Hawks carry the medicine of being a messenger between heaven and earth. And the message is clear. Yes! We will join together in creating this very special healing facility that really can and will make a difference. Yes, we will.

This introduction is only a glimpse of the healing facility I dream of creating.

If any part of this vision calls to you, I invite you to join us.

If you have been inspired by any part of this Web site, if the articles and information have given you new options, if the nutritional products or knowledge on natural healing has helped you create positive results, please support our work.

Support us by purchasing the products from our store. As our business grows, and our ability to purchase the nutritional products we offer at better prices - we will pass the savings on to you - our valued clients. We will also be able to expand our product line by offering items that encourage and simplify wholesome living, natural healing, while also improving the quality of our environment.

We invite you to enrich your life through receiving any of our personalized consultations. Become inspired and learn creative, fresh approaches to old situations by attending the classes we offer. Take what you’ve learned home with you and share it with others by purchasing our nutritional products, upcoming books, booklets, PDFs, CDs, and DVDs.



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